May 2017


And the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not. Isa. 58:11

Well it’s hard to believe but furlough is over and it’s time to get back on the field. It has been especially enjoyable to be able to be nearer our sons and participate in their lives a bit more. We appreciated very much also the opportunities of service the Lord brought across our path.

Thank you for your participation in the Lord’s work with us. We want you to know that we are thankful for prayers on our behalf.

We leave May 30th for Cape Town. It will be a long flight with only a 3 hour lay over in Amsterdam.  We would appreciate your prayers for this journey.  The first thing on our agenda will be to find a place to live. For security reasons we will have to live in a gated environment.

As we look to the future of our ministry we would value your prayers for divine guidance.  We don’t just want to be kept busy but busy in the right activities.

Please pray for rain for Cape Town, the dams are less then 20% of their capacity and serious water shortages are plaguing the residents. Cape Town has been declared a disaster area.

On a positive health note.  I have been using a supplement for 3 months that has had a profound affect on my ability to feel and move my right foot. Am starting to sense temperature and can move my toes a bit.  Very encouraging!

In the Master’s service,

Sid and Karen



April 2017

Dear friends

“but God meant it unto good.” Genesis 50:20

I enjoyed the Choice Gleaning reading the other day. When Joseph faced calamity, rejection, suffering, loneliness, and imprisonment…. he was still able to say, “God meant it unto good.”

Isn’t it great that we can have this confidence too!

We are presently at CMML in New Jersey but heading to Ontario tomorrow.

Our youngest son has just returned from his deployment in the Middle East and we are so happy he is safe and sound. We will be seeing him on Friday and then taking him to surprise our middle son Jonathan for his birthday. These are special family times for us!

We depart for South Africa May 30. We would value your prayers as we decide what area in Cape Town to rent an apartment.  Also the future ministry that we will be engaged in with Operation Onesiphorus.

Until we meet again may the Lord encourage you folks.

In the Master’s service,

Sid and Karen


March 2017


Dear friends

“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.” Psa 32:8

One of our most favourite verses is the above psalm. The Lord’s promise to us is “I will guide thee…” .

For a few years now we have sensed that our ministry focus will be changing from a local to a global vision. With that in view we have had in the back of our mind to buy an economical home in Florida as well as Ontario, but up until now we have had no real peace or direction to do this.  Through a “random meeting” of a brother from Ontario we were invited to view a place in his complex where he owns a mobile home in Hollywood Florida. We saw a suitable place and apparently the owners have not managed to use it much and were anxious to sell.

They were asking 43,700 and so we offered them 20,000 they came back at 33,000 firm.  Karen and I had decided we would go no higher then 25,000. So we decided to counter them again with 25,000 and they took it. We heard about the place Monday looked at it Tuesday bought it Wednesday. It closed a week later. Our oldest son Andrew lives and works out of Fort Lauderdale so it is great being near him too.

We really do feel the Lord going before us in this purchase and that this is one of several steps required to fulfill our future ministry.  As you know we believe that the ministry of Operation Onesiphorus will be focusing from a local to a global vision and that we will need a base on the North American side of the world setup for our periodic visits. This place is in a gated 55+ community and probably half the residents are snow birds. We can just lock up and go.

This last month with help of a local brother we were able to do some renovations to make it wheel chair accessible.  We widened the hallway and a couple of doorways also put plenty of grab bars around for easy and safe movement.

We start back for Ontario at the end of March visiting several assemblies and individuals along the way. We will be at CMML in New Jersey for several weeks before attending the Southern Ontario Missionary Prayer Breakfast in St Catharines.

Our youngest son Nicolas will be returning from his tour of duty in the Middle East at the end of April.  We look forward to spending sometime with him before we leave for Cape Town May 30.

As I close this letter we want to thank you again for prayers. May God richly bless you in your part of carrying on the work of the Lord.

In the Master’s service

Sid and Karen



Feb 2017

Dear friends

Thank you for your kind fellowship.  We are glad that the Lord rewards all that is done in His name!

We are constantly amazed at the Lord’s leading in our lives and what some would say a seemingly random meeting. Of course we know the Lord is sovereign.  Several years ago we were in the process of pursuing a possible treatment for Sid. However, before we could continue with this we returned to Cape Town.  A few weeks ago guess who we met ….. the doctor who was starting to help us. He remembered us and was able to contact his office and get the lab results for Sid.  Dr. Martin sent us the supplements that he believes will be helpful. We are praying that these pills will be effective in removing the toxins from Ciprobay that Sid has taken in the past.

Another amazing event in our lives has been being able to attend the Strictly Sail boat show in Miami.  This was so timely as we are praying about commencing Operation Onesiphorus in which we will travel via catamaran to refresh, encourage and challenge believers. Friends from Cape Town who are buying the catamaran asked us to go to the show and send lots of pictures.

While there we met a man in a wheelchair who sails on a catamaran. His boat is called (Im)possible Dream. He is president of Shake-A-Leg Foundation which encourages those who are disabled to learn to sail.  He has invited us to sail with him next week when he moves the catamaran from Miami to Fort Lauderdale.

As we were visiting with this man we met another interesting couple. He is from Germany and she from Italy. He is an amputee and a paralympian, they are sailing to third world countries via catamaran to provide prosthetics to amputees for free.

It feels like there are so many things coming together in the ministry that we believe the Lord is moving us into. It’s very humbling, scary but exciting too.

We continue with report meetings and ministry in the area assemblies as well as visits, counseling, email and phone conversations with advice on various issues.

We value your prayers!

In the Master’s service,

Sid and Karen


NEWS LETTER November-2016

Nov 2016

Dear Friends

Pro 16:33  The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD.

I have been thinking about the above verse and am drawn to the last phrase in particular. “The whole disposing thereof is of the Lord. ” It is a tremendous comfort to me that the circumstances of my life are not up to blind chance, the influence of the stars, or to any being, angel or devil, but to the Lord only.  We belong to an awesome God, how unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out!

We are presently at CMML in New Jersey and will be here until mid December.  We are thankful for this wonderful location in which we can rest and visit with other missionaries and also interact with the various staff and volunteers who work hard to support missionary enterprise around the world.

Karen’s visa issues are still not resolved.  We had hoped that it would have been done before we left Canada but that is not the case.  We were in contact with our immigration agent in Cape Town and she says that there should be no problem but that the government offices that are doing these appeals are just notoriously slow. So we continue to look to the Lord not man.

We are having a number of speaking responsibilities during our time in New Jersey and would appreciate your prayers in this as well as Karen’s Visa issues.

Thanks once again for thinking of us!

In the Master’s service,

Sid and Karen

October 2016

“And the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the LORD”.  Judges 4:1

I am going through the book of Judges and recently read the above verse.  The little word “again” is what struck me.  Isn’t it sad that Gods earthly people went through this cycle of rebellion, restoration and rebellion again and again.  The practical thought for us is this.  We are no different! Believer’s are prone to wander from God. But thankfully God’s grace ever pursues and seeks to restore us back to himself.

We presently are in Picton Ontario in a picturesque setting on the shores of Lake Ontario. Our hosts Des and Liz Norris of the Kingston assembly have kindly given us their granny flat to use as our base while on furlough.

Karen’s immigration issues are still ongoing. We are eagerly waiting the outcome of the appeal of her 5 year ban from South Africa.  It sounds awful funny at times when you consider they have given Sid permanent residency and Karen a ban. We anticipate this to be resolved by early October.

We have recently heard from some of the believer’s in Cape Town and all seems well but there are signs that the devil is busy too. Please pray for the work there that it be preserved from division.

Dan and Stella Nguluka in Maun give us joy as they report the work there is continuing on. The Sunday school work is still a great source of encouragement too as the numbers of children are in the hundreds.

Healthwise Karen and I are both well for which we thank the Lord.

In the Master’s service,

Sid and Karen


June 15, 2016

Life in South Africa continues to be eventful in many ways.  Recently we have received notification from the Canadian Embassy here that they have credible evidence of a possible terrorist threat in Cape Town.  With this in mind we are being careful not to frequent places that attract large numbers of tourists.  However, like the psalmist we repeat the refrain “My times are in Your hand” (Psalm 31:15 ) and trust in the sovereignty of God.  Besides the current terrorist threat Cape Town is a very dangerous place to live.  South Africa ranks second to Iran in terms of the most dangerous countries to live.  Pray for daily safety. 

Life continues to be eventful in terms of the immigration issues that we are facing.  At our last visit to the Department of Home Affairs they told us that our application is almost completed.  In fact, they only gave Karen 14 days until the next appointment with them.  Their rational was that the application would most likely be signed by the last signatory within the next 2 weeks.  Once we receive this “Form 23” then Karen will be allowed to apply to stay in the country as Sid’s wife.  Sid currently has Permanent Residence in South Africa.  We are not sure of all the ins and outs of the new application process but our immigration agent seemed to indicate that with this form then perhaps Karen will not be banned from re-entering the country.  We are looking to the Lord to undertake for us in all the details of this.  We are planning on leaving in the beginning of August.  Our youngest son Nicolas is getting married in the beginning of September  Once again we repeat the refrain of the psalmist “My times are in Your hand” and trust in the sovereignty of God.  Pray for the details of Karen getting permission to stay in the country.  We are not sure what is going to happen once she leaves.  

Recently Sid has handed over some of the practical things that he maintains for the assembly.  The monthly bulletin and the maintenance of the assembly website are now being done by one of the young men.  We are praying that another couple will be exercised to be responsible for planning a bi-monthly outing for the 55 plus group of the assembly.  This is a vital exercise that encourages our elderly and promotes fellowship.  If you would please remember to pray for this outing, for safety and for enthusiasm for those responsible for it. 

Also please pray for our time on furlough.  Initially we had planned a two month furlough but because of the immigration concerns we have extended it to a six month furlough.  Because of this we have given up our lease on this apartment and are putting everything in storage.  While on furlough we will be traveling a fair bit.  Also, it will be during the Northern Hemisphere winter months.  Sid is mostly using the wheelchair now so getting about will be more of a challenge.  Also, the cold weather affects his muscles negatively.  We plan, God-willing, to be in Florida for half the month of December and all of January.  We continue to repeat “My times are in Your hand”.

In the Master’s service,

Sid and Karen 


May 3, 2016

Hi folks!  

The immigration issues are forcing us to reconsider the length of time we spend on furlough. We first thought of just coming back for two months to spend time with our family and participate in our youngest son’s wedding. The problem is that these immigration issues can drag on for months and with out them being resolved Karen will not be permitted to return to South Africa.  

This means we would be forced to maintain a vacant apartment in Cape Town for an unknown number of months. Rent is very expensive here and it doesn’t make sense to keep it. Our lease has just come up for renewal and of course they want us to agree to another 12 months. Therefore we have decided to put everything into storage and extend our furlough until the immigration issues are settled. We have accommodation arranged for the first two months (August and September) near Kingston ON but after that we are not sure what to do. The Lord will give wisdom but for now these words come to mind “he went out, not knowing whither he went.” Heb 11:8

We appreciate your prayers for wisdom and guidance!

In the Master’s service,

Sid and Karen

April 11, 2016

Dear friends


The hymn writer Joseph Gilmore wrote those awesome words that are as encouraging today as they were in 18 hundreds when he wrote them.


He leadeth me! O blessed thought,

O words with heav’nly comfort fraught;

Whate’er I do, where’er I be,

Still ’tis Christ’s hand that leadeth me.


We are thankful for your kind remembrance of us and the financial support received in March was so helpful in our daily upkeep and expenses. We obviously couldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the faithfulness of the Lord’s people.  We also know that we are labourers together and co-labourers with Christ.


During the Easter weekend we were privileged to be at the Youth Easter Camp.  It was encouraging to see the interest in God’s Word and the respect during the teaching seasons.  I was responsible for the Sunrise service and spoke on the effects of the resurrection on our life.  Also, during the camp fire time we shared stories and testimonies of the Lord’s dealings in people’s lives and we pray for fruit from this teaching.


We spent last weekend in a seaside village called Hermanus about two hours from Cape Town. There is a small assembly there. In fact it has been there for over 50 years.  I had prepared to speak to them on the role of elders and unbeknownst to me all of the old guard of leadership had recently passed away and the younger men were suddenly thrust into places of responsibility.  The ministry seemed well appreciated and they have asked us to come back for a longer visit.


This morning we returned from the Home Affairs office regarding Karen’s residence permit. Apparently things are moving forward, the fifth of seven signatures has been secured.  We are just waiting now for the regional head then the provincial head to sign. Please pray that this will all come together before we leave for our son’s wedding in Canada in August.


We will close for now and trust that God’s richest blessing will follow you.


In the Master’s service,


Sid and Karen

March 2016

Then Samuel took a stone, and set it between Mizpeh and Shen, and called the name of it Ebenezer, saying, Hitherto hath the Lord helped us. 1Sam 7:12


Looking Back

It’s almost twenty five years since we left Canada with our small family to serve the Lord on the mission field. It has been truly an exciting adventure. Of course we have had our share of trials but we can affirm like Samuel hitherto hath the Lord helped us.


A New Focus

Since returning to Cape Town almost a year ago we have sensed the Lord change the focus of our ministry from evangelism to a more shepherding/teaching role. We have had the privilege of ministering in Hebron our local assembly. We tried 2 to emphasize practical subjects of Christian living such as hypocrisy, bitterness and thankfulness in trials in our sessions. It is our desire to visit smaller off the beaten track assemblies. Often a different face brings much encouragement to these believers and we would like to be used of the Lord to see others strengthened and encouraged in their walk. We anticipate visiting at least once a month to some of these assemblies.


Easter Camp

We have just returned from the Easter camp weekend. This year around 80 young people gathered to have a fun time of games and fellowship and receive teaching from God’s word. We were invited to be the camp parents as well to be responsible for one of the sessions along with the camp-fire time. The theme of the camp was All for Christ – No Retreats – No Reserves- No Regrets. It was encouraging to see the attention given during the sessions. Our main role was to be available for be of any spiritual/emotional help to any camper that wanted to talk. It was a privilege to be involved in these young people’s lives and to pray for them.



Karen is in the recovery stages of recently having breast cancer. She had a routine mammogram done the end of January and was told there was a suspicious lesion that needed further investigation. The results showed a small cancerous tumor that needed removal. The surgery was successful removing the lesion. As a precaution some surrounding healthy tissue and a few lymph nodes were also removed and tested. She is now cancer free for which we thank the Lord. Hebron Our home assembly has quite a few older believers who find it difficult to get out and around. We have tried to encourage them by starting a regular outing for pensioners. We usually take them to one of the many tourist spots in Cape Town and have a picnic as well as a time of fellowship. We as an assembly have recently seen a couple of young men saved and baptized. Please pray for 4 them! Previous lifestyles remain a challenge and a temptation.


Immigration Woes

Our struggle with the Department of Home Affairs continues. As it is now, Karen has to report every two weeks to continue to be legal in the country while she waits for Home Affairs to investigate the legitimacy of her application to accompany me on my permit as my spouse. Everyone in the office says it’s a no brainer and we must wait until the wheels of bureaucracy move. The result is that Karen is not allowed to leave the country or she will be deemed “undesirable” and not able to return. Our problem is that our youngest son is getting married in Canada. We plan D.V. to leave in August to be involved in wedding preparations. The wedding is in September and of course we will be there. Please pray that this will be sorted out before we have to leave. On a separate note we praise the Lord for providing very suitable accommodation for the two months we plan to be in Canada. Of course, if we have to leave before Home Affairs gets her paper work sorted that will add a major complication in the mix. Please pray that the Lord will intervene in these matters.



The work in Botswana continues to be a great source of joy and encouragement. Clark and Hazel Logan in Gaborone continue with the various Sunday Schools. Every week close to 1000 children hear the gospel. We were thankful to have Clark visit with us for the Easter weekend and appreciated renewing fellowship. Dan and Stella Nguluka in Maun carry on labouring for the Lord. They continue with tent meetings and various activities with the assembly reaching out in to the community. At the end of April they are going to Windhoek, Namibia to distribute gospel literature. They will be joining us here in Cape Town for a short visit in May DV. We also hope to make a trip there in the future once our immigration details have been sorted. Once again thanks for your interest. God bless for now,


Sid and Karen

March 2016 Prayer Items

  • Health
  • Residence Permits
  • Easter Camp
  • Pensioner Ministry
  • Sunday School work Maun
  • Conference & Itinerant Speaking


Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; Isaiah 59:1

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations Mat 28:19 2 3

May 18, 2015

Charles Spurgeon once said “Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strengths.”

Wow! we have sure experienced that in the last few weeks! I will explain in a moment but first we want to thank you for your prayers.

Well furlough was an incredible time! Crazy busy but very rewarding, meeting so many different believers many of whom seemed to need a word of encouragement. So after visiting over 80 assemblies, traveling over 30 thousand miles in the car and sleeping in 77 different beds we returned to our beloved Africa and in particular Cape Town.

Job one was to find a place to live. We discovered the price of rent has skyrocketed for two bedroom apts in secure building complexes. Nevertheless the Lord led us to a complex that is occupied by mostly older retired folk. We never really thought of ourselves in that category yet but it has an indoor pool and gym which will work well for physiotherapy.

We were so thankful to have our oldest son Andrew to accompany us on our return journey.  He has assisted greatly in moving our furniture from the storage facility to setting up our apartment to installing washer and dryer, pictures hung, computers set up etc etc.

Job two was to get Karen’s residence papers sorted out. Apparently the rules have changed while we were on furlough. Our first attempt was met with incredible disinterest and we were told to go back to Botswana and apply from there. After many anxious moments and days we contacted an immigration consultant who has taken on our case and planned a way forward for us. We would really really value your prayers in this matter. Many governments are making it very difficult for missionary/volunteers to get permits to do their work.

Something’s to pray for if the Lord brings us to mind.

1.) residence permits

2.) physio and exercise for Sid

3.) blessing in our itinerant preaching

4.) blessing in our local assembly

In the Master’s service


Sid and Karen


May 15, 2014

Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.

John 4:35

Sometimes people ask is there still a need for missionaries? In 1970 the population of the world was 3.7 billion people. Today we have doubled that population but the searching question is this; have we doubled the number of missionaries to reach them? The need today is greater than it was 1970. So the answer to that a question is a resounding YES.

Greetings from Burlington Ontario. We arrived here on May 15 after two and a half months visiting assemblies and friends in Florida and New Jersey. We thank The Lord for safety in travel and for no car troubles along the way.

Our time in the States was quite busy with speaking engagements and visiting but we thoroughly enjoyed it.  We have had the privilege of interacting with young teenagers wondering what the Lord wants for their lives. Also with young married couples seeking counsel on raising children and strengthening their marriages.  Meeting with older believers too is always an encouragement to us as we benefit from their counsel and wisdom.  The folks at C.M.M.L. in Spring Lake were so kind to us while we stayed at the lovely garden apt while in New Jersey. We pray that the missionary reports given will challenge some to respond to the call of the Lord of the harvest.


News from Dan Nguluka in Botswana has been so encouraging. Recently they have seen several saved. Two of these are Sunday school children who have been listening to the gospel for years. Karen taught both of them years ago. This is so thrilling and the three new converts have all asked for baptism.  Due to a change in laws it is no longer permitted to collect children in the back of pick-up trucks. For years this is how we collected children for the meetings. Our Sunday school did have an attendance of around 600 children but now as a result of the new rule there are about 200 children not able to come any more. So Dan has been holding a satellite Sunday school in their area. He is renting a piece of land on which to teach the kids. This land is going to be put on the market soon and he would like to purchase it for a gospel work in that area.

Cape Town

Things in Cape Town remain constant in the assembly. Continue to pray for the believers there. They have had a number of believers recently called home due to age and some due to ill health. There are a few more widows now and in particular you can remember one young man in prayer who has lost both his mom and dad due to cancer.

Accommodation & Therapy

For two weeks we are living in a two bedroom apartment that has been loaned to us so that we can look for something suitable for the next six months while we are in Ontario. We are looking for a furnished place in North York Toronto. This is where Sid will be having Muscle Activation Technique therapy. This type of therapy is very beneficial for him. We have seen small improvements in his ability to walk and this is a huge encouragement for us.

Thank you for your labours in prayer with us. Continue to pray that the Lord will send forth labourers. Also pray for us that we would be used of the Lord to encourage His people and that we would glorify Him in our lives daily.

May The Lord bless you in your labours for Him.

In the Master’s service,
Sid and Karen







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