I was born in July 1959 in Brantford, ON Canada. I was the fifth child of ten. My mother was 22 years old when I was born. I have few memories of my early childhood and those that I do have are not very happy ones.

In August 1967 events came into my life that would change it forever. One day a vehicle drove into the yard and out got complete strangers. These people piled us into their car and took us to the Children’s Aid Society. My oldest brother was spared because he was not home at the time but the remaining nine of us were taken, the youngest being a baby only a few months old. I remember spending a few days in this big house with many other children and then were were taken to a foster home. I was placed in this foster home along with two siblings, the sister directly above me in age and the sister directly beneath me in age. These foster parents had had one daughter who was now married and living with her husband. They also adopted a new born girl about four months after us arriving into ther household.

Even at this juncture in my life I do not have a lot of memories but plans were made for us to start school. I was placed a year back for my age and in September of that year i began grade two. We were told that we would stay here until our biological mother and father got sorted out and could come and get us. They never came.

We were fortunate enough to stay in one foster home and not be moved around. During this time my biological mother came to visit us a few times and a few times we got together with our other siblings. However, as the years passed we lost all contact with all of them.

We were very blessed to be placed in a Christian home. The gospel was explained to us and evening devotions were a regular part of life. Church involvement was normal for our new parents and we went along with them. When I was ten years old I was asked by my oldest “sister” if I had ever received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour. I knew what that meant but I didn’t know how to answer. I had always believed what we had been taught for the past two years and I knew what she wanted to hear so I said yes. Of course she was excited and wanted to know if I told my mom and dad. (by now our foster parents were just considered our real parents). I said no and later on that night my oldest sister coaxed me into telling that that I was saved.

That evening I didn’t know if I was saved or not and for the next three years I kept praying and asking the Lord to save me. I don’t know when I really got saved but when I was thirteen, at a young peoples meeting I got the assurance of salvation. A few years later I was baptized and received into the church fellowship.

Sid HalsbandKaren’s Testimony