Sid and Karen are missionaries serving the Lord in Cape Town South Africa. They were commended by the assembly at Shoreacres Bible Chapel located in Burlington, ON Canada.  In November 1991 they left Canada with their three sons Andrew 8, Jonathan 6 and Nicolas 5.

Shortly after arriving in Botswana Sid contracted TB Meningitis – tuberculosis settling into the lining around the brain and spinal column.   This left him paralyzed.  The Lord gave an amazing recovery through the prayers of His saints and good medical treatment.  However there have been ongoing neurological difficulties and other factors that have made walking difficult for Sid.

Once Sid recovered they settled in a village in northern Botswana called Maun.  In 1995 with the help of local believers they became the nucleus of what is known today as Maun Christian Assembly.

In 2011 due to these health concerns they relocated to Cape Town South Africa where they continue to serve the Lord.

They are involved with the Hebron assembly in Cape Town. They spend much of their time in Bible teaching, Young People’s and youth ministry and the encouragement and building up of believers.  Sid also does itinerant preaching and they are given to hospitality.

They work closely with other servants of the Lord located in various locations in South Africa.

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